Violation Appeal

Tickets issued by Transportation & Parking or UMD Police

Tickets may be contested within 10 days of issuance by contacting Transportation & Parking Services. Any appeal to the decision on a contested ticket must be made in writing by submitting a completed form to Transportation & Parking Services. Please review the following prior to writing an appeal:

Insufficient grounds for an appeal to a parking citation include:

1.  Not being aware of the rules
2.  Expired meter
3.  Arrived at meter within minutes of ticket being issued
4.  Others parked in same fashion did not receive a ticket
5.  Cannot afford the fine
6.  Did not read the guidelines on the ticket about “late fees”
7.  Vehicle was loaned to another individual who received the ticket
8.  Late or in a hurry
9.  Dropped someone/something off or picked someone/something up            
10.  Preferred parking lot was full, did not take time to look in other lots
11. Inclement weather
12. Afraid to walk alone
13. Flashing hazard lights were on
14. Forgot to display permit
15. Class/meeting took longer than expected

If the reason for your ticket is something other than those listed above, please feel free to appeal here: Parking Appeals Form. An appeal to the decision on a contested parking ticket requires a $10.00 fee due upon completion of the process if the ticket is upheld. All appeals are heard by the Parking Appeals Board consisting of UMD staff, faculty and students. The decision of the Parking Appeals Board is final and concludes the appeals process.

Failure to respond to the ticket will result in additional late fees:

  • If not paid within 10 days, a $5.00 late fee will be added
  • If not paid within 20 days of the first late notice date, an additional $40.00 late fee will be added