Jefferson Lines

Photo of Jefferson Lines bus.

Daily Bus Service to and from the UMD Campus
to the Twin Cities, Iron Range, and Fargo!

Jefferson Bus Lines connects the UMD community and Duluth area residents, to the Twin Cities, Iron Range, and Fargo. The Jefferson Line pick up is on the UMD campus at Kirby Circle (formerly the DTA bus stop), on Kirby Drive.

The service is offered seven days a week. Blast off today on the Jefferson Rocket Rider... offering free Wi-Fi, satellite radio, movies, luxury seating and extra legroom.  The Rocket Rider departs each day from UMD.

The Daily Departure bus leaves UMD each morning, and stops at multiple locations along Interstate 35, including Hinckley, Forest Lake, St. Paul Depot, Minneapolis Depot, the Amtrak Station, and the University of Minnesota Coffman (University Ave). The bus leaves the Twin Cities for Duluth each morning and afternoon.

Check with UMD Stores Street Level for current fares. Riders with a U Card will receive a discount on regular priced daily service. Specially priced 7 and 14-day advance fares are also available (no additional discounts apply).

Tickets can be purchased on the UMD campus at the UMD Stores, Street Level at 1120 Kirby Drive. Please note: there is a charge to reissue an unused ticket. Note: Pricing and schedule are subject to change. Please see the Jefferson Lines  website for current fare information. 

For more information including schedules:

Call Jefferson Bus Lines at 800-451-5333 or visit