Permit Policy

  1. Apply permit to lower left corner of front windshield, driver side.
  2. Permit must be visible from outside of vehicle.
  3. Permit must be displayed to be valid.
  4. Failure to properly display this permit in plain sight may cause issuance
      of a parking citation. 
  5. Permit may be easily moved by lifting any corner and gently pulling away from
  6. Permit valid with all vehicles registered through Transportation & Parking Services. 
  7. This permit remains the property of UMD. Resale, unauthorized purchase,
      duplication or alteration of this 
permit is strictly prohibited and subject to a $100 fine.
      The permit is non-transferrable and may not be given or sold to another individual. 

  8. If you wish to cancel your permit, it must be returned to the TPS office for a prorated refund. 
      A $25 service fee will be charged for permit refunds and returns.
  9. Cancellation of a housing contract automatically invalidates the green resident 
      permit. The permit must be returned with room keys. A prorated refund will be 
      credited to the student account. Permits used after cancellation date will be 
      ticketed $100 for unauthorized use of a UMD permit.
10. Report theft or loss immediately by calling TPS at 218-726-7433. 
11. If you have a problem finding a parking space after business hours, 
      please contact UMD Police Dept. by calling 9-1-1.


Parking Enforcement

Parking on the UMD campus is regulated by Board of Regents Policy and UMD Transportation & Parking Services policies and procedures.

Parking Violations
Parking enforcement personnel have the authority to issue traffic tags for parking meter and other non-moving violations under the code and the state traffic laws, on property owned, leased or occupied by the University of Minnesota. Such tags have the same force and effect as though issued by a duly appointed qualified and acting peace officer.

Learn more on how to pay your parking ticket

Distinguishing a Ticket 

Tickets issued by UMD Transportation & Parking or UMD Police come in an orange envelope. UMD Transportation & Parking only issues tickets for parking violations on campus, but UMD Police may issue tickets for both on and off campus violations. The City of Duluth tickets come in lime green envelopes and are only given for off-campus parking violations.

Parking Ticket Policy

  • Full payment or written appeal is due within ten (10) calendar days
    of ticket issuance

  • Failure to respond within ten (10) calendar days of ticket issuance
    will result in a $5 late fee

  • Failure to respond within twenty (20) calendar days of the first late notice mailing date will result in an additional $40 late fee and enforcement action including: Placement of a hold on the academic record if the violator is a student

  • Failure to respond within twenty (20) calendar days after the date the $40 fee was added may result in enforcement action including: Referral to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for Revenue Recapture as authorized by the Revenue Recapture Act of 1980 Referral to a third-party collection agency

  • Partial or non-payment of violation(s) and/or any applicable late fees will result in continued employment of all enforcement methods

Violators who have accumulated five (5) parking violations or more, including violations and associated late fees from multiple vehicles, are subject to additional enforcement action including:

  • Application of wheel clamp and/or towing of violator’s vehicle in cooperation with UMD Police Department. Release of the wheel clamp will be authorized upon full payment of all fines and late fees or upon a satisfactory full payment schedule by employee payroll deduction.

  • Denial of all UMD campus parking privileges including the revocation of a current parking permit and the denial to purchase any future permits. Return of campus parking privileges will be granted upon full payment of all fines and late fees or upon a satisfactory full payment schedule by employee payroll deduction.

  • UMD employees who cancel their payroll deduction before full payment is made remain responsible for full payment of all fines and late fees. Failure to provide full payment will result in additional enforcement action.