Electric Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging at UMD

Thanks to a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), UMD was awarded funding for purchase and installation of two additional electric vehicle charging stations. Each station is equipped with two 240V chargers. The units have been installed and are available for use. 

With space for two cars to charge simultaneously at each station, EV drivers can top-off their batteries while studying or working on campus. The older charging station, near the Darland Administration Building has also been upgraded and is now equipped with two 240V chargers.

In addition to the new installations on the main campus, two Zefnet chargers have also been added at the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI). 

EV Charger Locations

1. Darland Administration Building
2. Pay Lot G
3. Kirby Drive near the Planetarium
4. Natural Resources Research Institute (extended campus location not shown on map)

umd map

How it Works

Anyone can use the chargers, including students, staff, faculty and visitors. Charge time and parking at the chargers is limited to four hours. Meter payment or pay lot entry fee is required, with the exception of those displaying a valid UMD parking permit. To check the availability of the charging stations, visit chargepoint.com.

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There is no cost for those that use the Zefnet chargers at NRRI. The four hour limit does still apply.